Demi Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in food absorbent pad, water bead, dry ice pack, SAP, etc.
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  • Demi with Japan distributor OZAX attend the 2018 Japan International Seafood &Technology Expo


    The Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo is an international show that brings together the professionals and experts of the industry to connect and interact with each other and to share their ideas and experiences. Read More

  • Demi attend 2019 the largest of fresh logistics show in Asia


    The fresh logistics Asia has become an excellent platform for presenting the lasted developments, learning the trends of the future, doing business and networking. Read More

  • What are the applications of Water Beads?


    Water Beads is a super absorbent hydrogel, commonly used in flower pots, decorations, toys, education and scientific research.Here is the outline:What are the applications of Water Beads?Advantages of Water Beads? Here are the applications of Water Beads:1. Flower pots: Water Beads can replace tradi Read More

  • What does the Meat Absorbent Pad do?


    Meat Absorbent Pad is a functional packaging material, usually used in the packaging of meat, poultry, and other foods. It is mainly composed of polymer water-absorbing materials, fiber grids, and impervious films.The main function of the Meat Absorbent Pad is to absorb the juice, blood, and oil pro Read More

  • What is the scope of application of Cooling Beads?


    Cooling Beads are tiny particles, usually made of materials such as polymers, hydrogel, or silicone, that provide a cooling sensation by absorbing and releasing moisture. They are usually white or transparent beads, generally about 1 mm in diameter, and can also be adjusted in size and shape as need Read More

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