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Ice cups that don't melt. Amazing!

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Ice cups that don't melt. Amazing!

Ice is essential for summer drinking. However, as the ice melts, the wine will taste less and less! There's a cool cup that doesn't need ice -- The ice cup that keeps your drink chilled without losing any of its purity.

The cup body is designed with an interlayer, in which there are absorbent beads. Water beads is an water absorbent polymer that can absorb water up to 100 times it’s weight. It changes water to colorful shining beads, looking like crystal balls.

How to use: just put the cup into the refrigerator for a period of time, you can let the water in the interlayer freeze, instead of ice. Water droplets in the interlayer will not break, will not melt, can keep the effect of low temperature for a long time. Better than ice and easier to use.


Many ice cup manufacturers cooperate with zhuhai demi new materials co., LTD., which processes some water droplets into various types of ice cups, which are well received by consumers. Demi has 18 years of experience in the production of water droplets. Demi's water beads have many uses besides making ice cups:

Aroma beads :

1)  Water holding agent for air freshener and cooling products.

2)  Bullet for toy gun

3)  Sensory Toy for Kids and Many More

4)Water Beads for Wedding Centerpieces, Plant Decoration, Vase Filler.




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