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  • What is inside the ice mat?


    The ice mat is specially designed for people who work or study for long hours. Not only is it soft... Read More

  • WARNING! Stop eating this type of chicken ever!


    Many people love to eat chicken. It can be used in soups, barbecues, salad, and is very delicious. Read More

  • Ice cups that don't melt. Amazing!


    Ice is essential for summer drinking. However, as the ice melts, the wine will taste less and less! Read More

  • How to Use Vegetable Fruit Absorbent Pads


    A Vegetable Fruit Absorbent Pad is a functional packaging material, usually used in the packaging of vegetables and fruits, and other foods. It is mainly composed of polymer water-absorbing materials, fiber grids, and impermeable films, etc., which can absorb excess water in food and keep food dry and hygienic. Read More

  • Seafood Pad: An Artifact for Fresh Seafood


    If you are a person who likes food, then you must have a soft spot for seafood. However, delicious seafood can be a challenge when it comes to keeping fresh. The traditional method involves placing the seafood on ice, but this method has many problems, such as the seafood being easily affected by freezing, the quality will be reduced, and it is not convenient to carry. Therefore, now there is a new type of fresh-keeping tool: an Seafood pad. This article will introduce you to the Seafood pad, including its characteristics, usage, and advantages of the Seafood pad in preserving fresh seafood. Read More

  • Aroma Beads Are a Common Fragrance Product.


    Aroma Beads is a practical, economical, convenient and decorative fragrance product for various occasions. Read More

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