Demi Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in food absorbent pad, water bead, dry ice pack, SAP, etc.
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Established in 2003,Demi Co., a professional high-tech private enterprise dedicated to the development, production and marketing of super absorbent polymer and related absorbent pad products.
We provide OEM & ODM services for a wide range of applications. A series of products made of super absorbent polymer have good water retention capacity and are suitable for agricultural and forestry planting, aromatic deodorization carrier, medical treatment, oil drilling, toys, decoration and cooling materials and other applications.
Absorbent pad series products have the purpose of absorbing excess water and are engaged for food preservation packaging, medical supplies packaging and cold chain transportation.
Our current market cover over 100 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, and Middle East. Demi always pays attention to the sustainable development. We have our professional R & D team and cooperate closely with universities in related fields. We successfully develop more than 50 products every year to meet difference demands.
We ensure every process in production is strictly controlled. We have been certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001. And we operate HACCP systems. Our product is FDA, KFDA, Rhos , REACH, CE and EU certified.


Demi Co, Ltd. was established in 2003 with over 20 years experience in research

Quality & Price

Our absorbent products have higher quality and more competitive price.


Demi is the pioneer of water absorption technology innovation. We are recognized by famours brand customers all over the world.


100% food friendly materials to make absorbent pads to absorb excess liquid and keep food fresh.The use of DEMI Soaker Pads can dramatically reduce the packaging costs.


Soft and spongy protection design reduces sweating and bruising, extending the expiration date.




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