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how to cut dry ice - dry ice shipping

how to cut dry ice - dry ice shipping


how to cut dry ice  -  dry ice shipping
Dry ice is a kind of frozen carbon. dioxide gas.
When present in solid form, its temperature is about minus 114 degrees.
Dry ice is used to isolate and cool various products that are being shipped or need to remain cool for a long time.
Unlike water, dry ice melts directly from solid to gas.
As an insulating material, it will not destroy any packaging content because it melts into liquid or drops-
Dry ice just melts into a harmless dry gas.
It does take a lot of power to cut dry ice;
You need a saw and a strong person to complete this task.
Wear gloves to protect your hands from sticking them to dry ice.
Wear goggles to avoid dry ice entering the eyes when cutting.
Measure the size of the part you want to cut with a ruler.
Cut a line with a saw to mark the end of each piece of dry ice.
Grab the dry ice with your non-saw hand firmly.
Make sure your hands are at least 6 inch away from where you saw.
See dry ice on each previously cut line, using the measured force until each piece is separated from the main block.                                                                            

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