'ice bag isn't mine' accused dealer tells court, but cops have receipt - ice bag

by:Demi     2019-12-02
\'ice bag isn\'t mine\' accused dealer tells court, but cops have receipt  -  ice bag
A Melbourne man's cell phone, wallet and key was found in a designer bag with a large piece of ice on drugs, saying the bag did not belong to him.
27-year-old Jimmey Barkho faced a Melbourne Magistrate's Court on Friday for bail after he was charged with trafficking in commercial quantities after a police raid last week.
Mr. Barkho was arrested in June 13 while trying to escape Sydenham's home, where police found a Louis Vuitton bag containing 200 grams of white crystalline material.
"It contains a large rock we know," senior police officer Tom Ivanovsky said in court.
In addition, the police suspect that there is still $8920 in cash in the package, which is the proceeds of the crime.
The bag also contains Bajo's mobile phone, wallet, passport, car key and house key.
"The defendant denied ownership of the package and the drug ,[he said]
"Someone put his stuff in his bag," said Detective Senior officer Ivanovsky.
In his record of an interview with the police, Barkho said that when he didn't look, someone else put his stuff in his bag.
"When he washed his hands, someone put his belongings in this special Louis Vuitton bag," senior police officer Ivanovsky said . ".
However, the police received a receipt from the Louis Vuitton store with a $1720 bag with Mr. Bajo's name on it.
Police also have a photo of Mr. Barkho, which was taken on June 6.
The detective also said that once the police completed the analysis of the surveillance photos, he expected other photos of Barkho wearing his bag.
Police also expect that buckhoe will also be charged with more crimes for the theft of a $180,000 Audi A6 from the new state.
The car, a Rolls-Royce and a Mercedes-Benz were parked at the house of the arrested hidenham.
The three cars are estimated to be worth more than $700,000.
Police said buckhoe should not be released on bail because he is in contact with criminal gangs in Melbourne and New States and therefore is in danger of escaping.
"He's a prolific drug dealer.
He sells drugs and leads a delicate life.
But buckhoe promised to stay in the residential rehabilitation center, and his family was willing to pay a $100,000 deposit.
Judge Lance Martin will make a decision on Friday afternoon.
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