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kimberly-clark. - disposable ice packs

kimberly-clark. - disposable ice packs


kimberly-clark.  -  disposable ice packs
P. O.
619100 cases at Dallas, TX 75261 DFW Airport station Tel: 214-281-
1200 global sales of non-woven fabrics: $0. 578 billion
US non-woven sales: 359 million US dollar non-woven headquarters: 30076Tel, 1400 Combe Bridge Road, Rosewell, Georgia: 404-587-8105; Fax: 404-587-
7241Key personnel: Wayne Sanders, chairman and chief executive;
Robert abernasi, president of the group of non-textile and professional health manufacturers, is also responsible for world support, aviation and technical paper business;
Vice President James Lauch
Non-woven processing plant: GA (
Disposable isolation clothing, non-woven fabric); Lexington, NC (nonwovens): Corinth, MS (
Wet wipes for industrial use, wet wipes for industrial use; Neenah, WI (
Female care and incontinence products); Conway, AR (
Non-woven and female care items);
Tucson, AZ, Nogales, Hermosilla, Mexico and Magdalena (
Disposable Supplies in operating room);
NC (Handville)
Non-woven fabric, wet wipes);
Albury, New South Wales, Australia (nonwovens);
Flint, Wales, United States of AmericaK. ;
Kanagawa, South Korea (nonwovens);
Pereira, Colombia (
Bonded transport network);
Curotitland, Mexico (
Adhesive Network);
Turacala, Mexico (spunbonds);
Pissini, Slovakia (
Disposable Supplies in operating room)K-
C.  There are also manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, France, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, the Philippines, Panama, South Africa and Thailand.
ISO status: the lagoons of Lexington and GA in NC are certified;
All other factories are in the process of obtaining certification: textile bonding, fusion spraying, composite, SRM (
Reinforced materials)
The bonded area is combed into a net.  the name of hydroentangledBrand: Curious diapers;
Freedom ex, new Freedom, bright women care products; Pull-
Ups disposable training pants;
Baby wipes;
Product dependence;
Kimguard, Spunguard, Spuncare, development of medical supplies;
Kimtex for rain brush for work;
Accord, evolution month, Sentrex, Cyclean, Powerloft, Demique industrialfabrics;
Scott fresh and clean the wet wipes for personal cleaning.
Main markets: disposable diapers, incontinence products and lingerie products for women, health clothing and fabrics.
Consumer goods such as Clark, Dallas and txknowwn are well known around the world, such as "hugs" and "Kotex "-
Continue to use the vast majority (8090%)
Non-woven roll products for international consumption.
Over $12.
K-overall sales of the company is 5 billion
C divided into three core businesses-
Personal Care, away-From-
Paper towels for household and consumption
Although the focus of the latter is not non-woven products. This year K-
C.  a wide range of economic impacts are cited, depending on the product sector and geographical region.
In its professional health care business, strong growth was reported, whileFrom-
The home business continues to improve in terms of volume and operational results.
In the field of personal care, due to the strong growth of developing markets and the continuous innovation of several brands, the company has spent the so-called "outstanding year ". K-
C personal care business sales increased by 8% and operating profit increased by 23%.
On the international stage, K-
C continues its strategy of global expansion in growing geographic regions, which it calls "filling the global matrix ".
"In terms of the world region, North America and Latin America are currently experiencing very strong operational results, although the situation in Asia is clearly less optimistic due to the local economic downturn and lower exchange rates. K-
C's European business has improved over the past year, but is currently suffering from overcapacity, fierce competition and the cost of expanding personal care products.
Baby Diapers Market at its core
C continues to take the lead in North America. Last year K-
C retained a 33% share of $3. 9 billion U. S.
Diaper Market with its "hug" products.
Highlights of this year's diaper product development include several price changes and product improvements to the itsHuggies product line.
In other major news, the brand is celebrating its 20 th anniversary and is related to this milestone, which the company recently launched an Internet site www. huggies. com.
In terms of product upgrades, in second quarter of 1998, the "Hugo Supreme" super high-end diapers were improved, the absorption capacity was increased, the fastening system was upgraded, and the "Hugo giesultratrim" diapers increased with the increase of the waist leak-proof barrier.
The company is also changing its limited gender.
Hug Super Love diapers for specific oversized bags (sizes 3-5)
A complete line
Universal giant bag for men and women (sizes 1-5).
Product Diffusion is still a trend.
Expanding the diaper market, according to K-James Rausch
Vice President of C
Non-woven fabric. "Both in the U. S.
"Globally, this posture continues to be shared with as many innovations or perspectives as possible that involve the needs of consumers and suppliers," he said . ".
In the field of training and youth pants, K-
C holds a 78% stake in American companies. S.
In the market, the company will launch improved Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse designs from Disney's "hug la-Ups.
The company is also significantly improving "good-
One-time underwear for diaper children and a new high-performance wet wipes range are available.
Baby wipes will have extra thickness, "Ripple-
Soft materials for quality towels-likecleaning.
Improvements to other personal care products include new sensitive skin formulations for baby wipes and improved absorption capacity of "balanced" disembarkation pads.
The company has also recently launched a disposable card reader designed to provide diapers.
As protected in the water, it does not swell like a diaper.
As one of the top ten new product innovations of the year, the product won the "build better mousetrap" award.
On the European front, K-
C.  is continuing its efforts to expand its diaperbusiness, gaining second place in the market in just three years. In the U. K.
Last year, Barton of the company invested millions of dollars. upon-
In order to meet the growing demand for diapers, Humber absorbent products manufacturing plant.
Thanks to the expansion, the plant's capacity has increased by more than 50%.
In Spain and Portugal, K-
C.  recently acquired the "Monbebe" brand, the company's market share increased to 23% at the end of 1996, compared with 18%.
To continuously improve its European diaper brand, Monbebe diapers have re-introduced the refastable label and improved absorption capabilities.
European women's health market, 1997
C began to vigorously promote the improvement and expansion of its female care business in Europe. In the U. K.
And the Netherlands, K-
C has introduced a new "Kotex" female pad with a unique absorption system, a product sold in Germany under the "Camelia" brand.
In Central and Eastern Europe, a region of K-
Company C, which has been in existence for three years, continues to expand into the diaper, female care and tissue market. K-
C's disposable personal care products are currently available in 21 Central and Eastern European countries, and in 1997, Hugo Gies made its debut in Hungary.
In three years, sales in the region have increased tenfold.
C.  It is expected to more than double by 2000.
In the Latin American region, the company acquired the women care business in Venezuela and Colombia and acquired
Very interested in a manufacturer of female care and tissue products in Guatemala. In Ecuador, K-
C, in partnership with one of its equity companies, acquired the interest of Mime SA, a maker of female care products and disposable diapers. K-
C.  also purchased a 50% stake in inKlabin Tissue SA, Brazil's leading organization manufacturer, in May.
Joint venture support K-
C.  strategy to expand the Latin American market and supplement K-
C diaper and female care business in the area.
According to the company, although per capita consumption is still relatively low, the population in the region is growing rapidly as disposable income continues to grow. In Asia K-
In 1997, C has been busy launching Hugo Gies diapers in China, and has launched an improved Kotex female diaper in South Korea.
In Vietnam, K-
C acquired a 51% interest in TN Vinathai, the country's leading female pad manufacturer. K-
C sales in Asia rose 11% in 1997, but the currency crisis in the region led to a 4% drop in sales.
In terms of ability, this is a topic that has been closely watched in the history of the company, K-
According to Mr. , C's new spinners line in Lexington, NC and Corinth, MI is working well and in line with expectationsRausch.
AtK is currently expanding capacity
The NC plant at the University of California, Berkeley, is expected to start in the third or fourth quarter of 1998. In Mexico, K-
Mexico City-based company C. de Mexico reported that despite a 1996 increase in market share for all its consumer goods, there was overcapacity.
The business in the area of professional health care continues to expand, and the evidence of this growth is K-
C acquired Tecnol Medical Products in Fort Worth, Texas at the end of last year, a manufacturer of disposable masks and patient care products.
The resulting $0. 5 billion sales business expanded K-
The range of professional medical products in C includes disposable masks, ice packs, blood pressure sleeves and wound dressings that complement K-
C The existing series of surgical procedures, curtains and wound dressings. According to K-C's Mr.
"The internal integration of the two companies is progressing smoothly.  customers welcome K-
C.  increased participation.                                                                            

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