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making zjito for serbian slava - what are meat soaker pads made of

making zjito for serbian slava - what are meat soaker pads made of


making zjito for serbian slava  -  what are meat soaker pads made of
Zjito is one of the essential elements of SlavaZjito in Serbia and one of the two Ritual foods that Serbian families prepare to celebrate Slava.
It is made of cooked and ground wheat.
The ground walnuts and sugar are mixed inside.
Our friend Tim got a scoop in this photo.
Traditionally, this is the first thing Slava guests do ---
There is a Zjito spoon.
In this article, I will show how my husband and I do it every year.
Most of them are best shown in pictures.
Ingredients are simple.
It is difficult to prepare them.
To prepare them, we rarely use tools at any other time of the year.
We marked a special box for Slava to store everything we use for Slava, including a copy of the Slava cake and the special recipe for Zjito.
In the box, we also kept the silver candle holder passed to my husband from his father, supplying white candles, some floating Wick, a meat grinder and a special nut grinder
I took all the photos used in this article.
How about some atmosphere?
Making zjito is not the most exciting job in the world.
Part of the work is tedious.
Why not play the Serbian video of Slava music and make yourself happy.
The picture is also suitable.
Although the music is lively, it seems religious in tone.
The album I recommend from Amazon is Serbian traditional music.
If you come from there, it will remind you of Serbia, or will inspire you to go back in time when preparing zjito in the old way.
Although I only put three main ingredients in this photo, there are actually five. 500 grams (about 1 lb)wheat berries.
We use soft white wheat berries. My mother-in-
Luo told me to use hard red winter wheat.  later, she told me to use soft white wheat. Conclusion?
Since I have made zjito with both types, both can work.
400 grams of raw walnuts.
400 grams of white sugar (
Starting at 200g and increasing as needed)1 t.
Vanillaperfectioner is (powered)
It also takes time to sprinkle sugar on the finished zjitoYou-
At least two days, because the wheat is cooked one day, dried overnight, then ground, mixed with other ingredients.
I started this batch ahead of time for two reasons.
First of all, I like to do the most confusing things in advance so that it is easier to clean up the day of Slava.
Second, I would like to post this in time to help some people who may need help during this Slava season.
You need to weigh your ingredients for Zjito.
Because of this, I bought a scale at the beginning of my marriage.
Although we didn't start making Slava food in the first place, most of my mother's other recipesin-
By measuring, I got a scale that could help me follow her recipe.
The extension on the photo of cooking wheat below shows that we classify wheat on small plates, preferably white, so that we can better see any defects in wheat.
When we make wheat, it usually takes about 40 minutes.
You want it to be soft enough to chew easily so it won't be too hard to grind easily.
But you don't want it to be so wet that it needs to dry forever.
The following extended directions for photos of dried wheat are important for having a very large flat surface.
If you don't have a desk pad, protect the table with oil cloth or vinyl sheets.
Make a smooth thick towel on the vinyl sheet or oil cloth tablecloth. Smooth it out.
Then cover it with a large white cotton sheet (not flannel)
Smooth again to make sure any creases are small.
You need a very smooth surface.
When doing so, carefully pour the wheat in the center of the table.
The interesting part is here now.
You need to be careful to scatter wet wheat on the table and divide it into layers.
You have to be careful not to be close enough to the edge so the grain falls to the floor.
You don't want any wheat on the "Hill" where it might roll down and stick to another grain.
You want the wheat exposed to the air to dry.
Most families make wheat dry overnight while sleeping.
You still want it to be wet and not too dry or it will be hard to grind.
We use a manual meat grinder every year to grind Zjito wheat and NutsWe.
Inherited three times from the first cousin.
This means it's old and you may need to search an antique shop to find an antique shop like it.
Frankly, if you do this every year, I will not use a manual grinder for wheat.
My husband is strong, but he was tired before he finished grinding a pound of cooked wheat.
That's why I have the power I recommend here on Amazon's wish list.
About the nut grinder we used, my mom-in-
Unable to find it in the United States, law sent a copy from Switzerland.
The grinding of nuts must be very fine and look almost like flour.
If you are lucky, whoever passes the candle to your family will also have a nut grinder to pass on to you. My mother-in-
Anyway, law likes to produce a batch of zjito here every year, so she keeps her grinder and has an aunt in Yugoslavia who bought one for us.
The nut cutter won't cut it.
If you can't get local wheat at a Whole Foods store, Amazon does.
I prefer soft white wheat berries.
Completing ZjitoI was originally written in this section when we first started making zjito.
We have frozen the Ready wheat and fruit.
Go ahead and read the instructions in this module and I will add steps-by-
Step picture I took the night before Slava on 2009 in the next module.
The night before or in the morning of Slava, take out the unfrozen wheat and nuts.
Put them in a big bowl. I use an 8-
Quart stainless steel bowl.
Put wheat and almost all the nuts in a bowl.
When zjito is formed, save enough nuts to pile up on top of it.
I'm going to book two cups on one side.
Now you need to add about 200 grams of white sugar and vanilla extract.
I will wear a pair of disposable gloves at this time because I don't like the mixed stickiness without gloves.
You will want to mix wheat, nuts and sugar with your hands.
Mix them first.
Then start squeezing each one to see if the ingredients will be firmly combined.
Sugar is glue.
You keep adding a little bit, mixing and squeezing until it's easy to fit together when you squeeze it.
Make sure all ingredients are mixed evenly.
Don't use more sugar than you need to combine the mixture and get moldyable.
It's time to come up with a nice plate big enough for you to shape zjito into a mound.
You might want to put a doily at the bottom of your plate.
Then pile up the zjito mixture until you have a lovely pile full of most plates and leave at least an inch empty plate (or doily)
Around the edge.
When you are satisfied with your creation, start installing nuts along the edges so they form a thin layer of layers on the mound.
Press the nuts tightly on the mound so that they remain.
After completion, sift a layer of powdered sugar on the nuts.
Now you're done.
Put it in the fridge until you are ready to serve your guests.
Or, if your home is cold enough, place it where you will end up serving.
It's actually delicious.
We had leftovers for breakfast every day until it disappeared.
But the truth is that I may not be successful if Slava doesn't need it.
I like it very much when I have it, but I don't like to make it because I like to eat it.
If you are just starting to celebrate Slava and need to make zjito, I hope this will help you.
Anyway, I hope you can let me know that you are here and leave a comment.                                                                            

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