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richard oland's killer was 'perfect target' for blood spatter, expert testifies - super absorbent fabric

richard oland's killer was 'perfect target' for blood spatter, expert testifies - super absorbent fabric


richard oland\'s killer was \'perfect target\' for blood spatter, expert testifies  -  super absorbent fabric
Richard ollan's murderer is the "perfect target" for blood stains, and a blood pattern expert testified on Friday during the murder retrial of Dennis ollan. RCMPSgt.
Brianwentzell agrees with the statement that chief defense attorney Alan Gold submitted to him at the time of cross-examinationexamination.
Gold continues to ask if the killer should splash on it.
Winterzell replied, "there will certainly be . ". "Should be? " pressed Gold.
"I think there should be . "
Dennis olland's blood stain jacket was not tested in 4 months, murder trial hearsOland defense gave up trying to get into the cell tower list as an exhibition in retrialBut, he couldn't say
"It is possible that they do have a lot of splashes on them, but they may not have a lot of them, winterzel said at the inquiry of chief prosecutor P. J.
At Veniot, he has seen two other cases of death with sticks.
He said it was a "very dynamic event" that could be affected by a number of factors, including the location of the attackers and victims in the attack, the type of weapons used and the sequence of strikes.
The court heard that the four stains on the brown sports jacket found when Olan went to visit his father the night of his murder were blood stains.
Wentzelli identified them on Friday as having two on the right sleeve, one on the upper left chest and one on the back near the hem.
The four men are all 3mm or lower in height, he said.
Oland, 51, is undergoing a second recharge.
More than seven years ago, his father was killed by a stick.
The retrial is scheduled to resume at 11 on Tuesday at Queen John's Court. m.
The jury found Oland guilty on 2015, but the New Brunswick Court of Appeal overturned the verdict on 2016 and ordered a new trial on the grounds that the trial judge had made a mistake with respect to the jury's instructions.
Olandis was the last person to see his father alive when he visited him at the office on the evening of July 6, 2011.
69 bodies-year-
The next morning, I found a millionaire in the office.
In a pool of blood.
He went through 45 times. and blunt-
Head, neck and hand injuries.
No weapons were found.
The jacket is a key piece of evidence that the royal family has charged ollan.
When he went to visit his father, he told the police that he was wearing a navy jacket, but security footage and witness testimony showed that he was wearing a brown sports jacket.
A week later, after olandand was questioned by the police and seized from his bedroom closet, the jacket was dry-cleaned in the morning.
In its opening speech, the official said that subsequent tests confirmed the four blood and DNA regions that matched the victim's file.
On Friday, winterzeller said in court that he could not say what was going on with the blood on the jacket.
Because they are on absorbent fabrics, he says, they lack the defined shape that is usually used to determine whether blood stains are hitting splashes, moving from another bloody object, or dripping water.
Blood may be
The defense argued that blood was the result of an innocent transfer.
The victim's secretary said at the trial that his skin condition sometimes causes scalp bleeding and that he is a sensitive personfeely talker.
Other possible examples are gold suggesting bleeding or cuts to the nose.
Winterzell agreed that there was no inconsistency with the blood of innocent transfers.
Gold argues that blood may have been on the jacket a few weeks or months before the murder.
Winzler admitted that he could not say how long the blood was there.
He also agreed that he could not say whether the blood stains looked any different before or after the jacket was dry cleaned.
The dry cleaners had previously testified that they did not notice any stains on the jacket and did not use any special treatment to remove blood stains.
"Important" blood gold askedwentzell's application for St.  John's police to obtain a search certificate and seize the jacket.
It shows that the attackers will have "obvious blood stains", which is the opinion of the forensic head of winterg and the unit (spatter)
Their people.
Winterzell told the court that he did not remember using the word "important", but he said it was possible for him to do so.
The information obtained from the search warrant also indicated that the police believed that the suspect had escaped by vehicle and that there could be a transfer.
If the blood is still wet, it is possible to transfer, says winterzell.
'If it's done, it's unlikely to do it, 'he said.
The court heard that no blood was found in Oran's car or on the BlackBerry he used after leaving his father's office.
Police believe he was not found wearing a shirt or trousers that night.
Gold compared the "tiny" blood with the amount of blood on the spot.
There are "hundreds" of blood stains that are basically 360 degrees of radiation, including a blood stain of more than three metres.
Gold stressed that the attack was so fierce that there was even "brain material" on the back of the victim's sweater ".
He suggested that the murderer might be near the victim, where a lot of blood was stored.
Winterzeller believes that it may be true if it is a short period of time
Someone used the weapon that was processed, but he pointed out that he or she might avoid a lot of flying blood if the attacker was walking around. On mobile?
Here, he also noted that there was an area on the south side of the body with fewer splashes than other areas.
This may mean that the blood there is scattered less, and Aifei is the location of the murderer, and he or she could have avoided a large splash.
However, "half
The "void" may also mean that the murderer is standing there, stopping the blood from entering the floor and walls and landing on him or her instead.
The type of weapon used could also be a factor, says winterzell.
According to the nature of the victim's injury, police suspect that the drywall hammer is a possible weapon. The hand-
Hand tools usually have a beveled hammer head with a waffle design on one side, "like a tender" and an axe on the other.
Winterzell said that if the hammer head hits at an angle, it spreads blood in the opposite direction.
The autopsy photos he checked showed
The impression of the troops is not entirely round, he said, indicating that the weapons are tilted.
A small surface area of a sharp edge, such as an axe-
Like blade, he says, blood is usually dispersed to the side rather than coming back to the attacker.
He added that the initial strike of the weapon may not or will rarely disperse the blood.                                                                            

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