The air freshener made of this raw material is not easy to volatilize water, and the effect is more lasting!

With the improvement of people’s requirements for quality of life, consumers’ attention to indoor environmental quality has gradually strengthened, and air fresheners have become an indispensable daily item in many people’s lives.

At present, there are a large number of manufacturers in the air freshener industry, and the market competition is very fierce. In this case, in order to maintain their competitiveness in the market, enterprises need to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to invest in product development and production to ensure product quality.

In the production process, the selection of raw materials is a decisive factor affecting the quality of the finished air freshener. If the raw materials are not good, the quality of the products produced will be poor, affecting the brand reputation.

Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and efficacy of products, many air freshener manufacturers will choose experienced and strong raw material suppliers to cooperate, among which, rice new material is a good choice.

Demi New Material has 20 years of research and development and production experience, its production of multi-functional water-absorbing beads gel strength, good durability, is the best choice for making air freshener products.

Compared with other air freshener raw materials, Demi multi-functional water absorbent beads have the following advantages:

1、strong water absorption

Excellent water absorption, can absorb a lot of aromatherapy liquid, suitable for the production and processing of fresheners.

2、not volatile

Demi multi-functional water absorbent bead gel strength, good lasting effect, not easy to volatilize, water.

3、safe and non-toxic

Made of non-toxic superabsorbent resin raw materials, safe and non-toxic.

Demi multi-functional water absorption beads complete specifications, beautiful color, is a good material for making air freshener products, come and try it!


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