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This is why the fruit trees you plant always die!

This is why the fruit trees you plant always die!


Some people have done experiments, planting crops and flowers of the same variety, using the same fertilizer, soil, environment, but one side of the use of Demi company's agricultural and forestry water-retaining agent(SAP), one side of the use, the effect of planting is completely different.

Plants with SAP developed healthy roots, while those without SAP grew slowly and stunted.


Why Demi company's SAP so magical?

Product introduction

SAP is a copolymer of crosslinked polyacrylamide and potassium polycrylate.SAP is a funcational polymer material with a very high water absorption capacity. non-toxic harmless,repeated release of water and water absorption,so it compared to "micro-reservoir",SAP can also absorb and slow relesea fertilizers ,pesticides,and increase the efficacy,SAP is widely used in agriculture,forestry,horticulture,etc.


Product features

01. Excellent performance of water absorption and water locking

Can repeatedly absorb natural precipitation and artificial irrigation water

02. Advanced formulation technology

The product is non-toxic, harmless, reusable and safely degradable

03, prolong the use effect

Can be mixed with chemical fertilizer, pesticide use, effectively prolong the fertilizer effect, drug effect.

SAP can form a "micro reservoir" in the soil of the plant root, keep the moist environment, improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer, improve the soil structure, increase the soil permeability, and create a good growth environment for the plant.

SAP is acrylic acid/acrylamide crosslinked copolymer, which adopts advanced equipment and unique technology to make the product more excellent performance and higher water absorption rate.


Now you know why other people's plants and trees grow so well, do you know the reason? So learn! SAP, the guardian of plants!

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