Shrimp preservation method “big secrets” : Teach you a way to easily extend the shelf life

Shrimp, with its high nutritional value, unique flavor and taste, is one of the most loved aquatic products by consumers around the world.

However, shrimp tissue contains high protein and moisture, which is easily affected by microorganisms, enzymes and other factors in the process of fishing, processing, storage and transportation, resulting in spoilage, blackening and other quality deterioration, which seriously reduces the nutritional, sensory quality and commercial value of shrimp.

It is understood that the current way of fresh-keeping live shrimp is roughly divided into low temperature fresh-keeping, air conditioning fresh-keeping, ultra-high pressure fresh-keeping, fluidized ice fresh-keeping, irradiation fresh-keeping, acidic electrolytic water fresh-keeping. Among them, low temperature preservation is the most common way of preserving live shrimp in many supermarkets.

In order to ensure the edible value and commodity value of shrimp food, many supermarkets will pack live shrimp into boxes and put them in cold cabinets for sale. In order to better extend the shelf life of shrimp, some businesses will also put a fresh absorbent pad in the box.

Fresh absorbent pad is a special packaging consumables for fresh food, can quickly absorb fresh food in the transportation, storage process of exudation of excess residual liquid and packaging condensed water, improve the packaging environment, extend the freshness of food.

Demi fresh absorbent pad is made of food contact grade materials, containing high-tech absorbent materials, strong water absorption, can better ensure the freshness and quality of shrimp.

At the same time, the rice fresh absorbent pad also has a strong water-locking ability, which can firmly lock the absorbed liquid in the pad, which is not easy to reverse osmosis, and is more favorable for extending the shelf life of live shrimp.

It is worth mentioning that the hot pressing edge sealing process is used for rice fresh absorbent pad, which makes the sealing more firm and the product is not easy to break.

Demi fresh absorbent mat complete specifications, support customization, welcome to consult and cooperate!

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