At Demi, we specialize in providing innovative and sustainable food packaging solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across the food processing industry. As one of the leading food packaging suppliers in China, with a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we cater to a wide range of clientele, including meat processing plants, food packaging plants, container factories, slaughterhouses, and supermarkets. Our extensive range of products includes water absorbing pads, absorbent pads for food packaging, dry ice cold packs, disposable lunch boxes, disposable meal prep containers, and disposable trays for food. Whether you’re a small-scale restaurant or a large-scale food processing plant, Demi has the perfect packaging solutions to meet your needs.


Water Absorbing Pad:

Demi water absorbing pad & absorbent pads for food packaging are designed to keep your food products fresh and dry during transport and storage and serve essential functions in food packaging by controlling moisture levels and enhancing the quality and safety of perishable food items. Our water absorbing pads are commonly used in packaging for meat, poultry, seafood, fruits, and vegetables to absorb excess liquids released from the products during transportation and storage, ensuring maximum freshness and quality. 

Disposable Trays for Food:

Demi disposable trays for food are the perfect choice for packaged meats, poultry, seafood, fruits, and vegetables in the supermarket, the pre-packaged foods industry, meat processing plants, and other food processing plants. Disposable trays for food play a crucial role in food processing packaging by providing a convenient and hygienic solution for containing and transporting food products. 

Dry Ice Cold Packs & Bag of Dry Ice:

Demi dry ice cold packs & bag of dry ice are perfect for maintaining the temperature of perishable goods during shipping. Dry ice cold packs serve a critical role in food processing packaging by providing a reliable and efficient way to maintain the temperature of perishable food items during transportation and storage. These dry ice cold packs are commonly used in food processing facilities and distribution centers to keep products such as meats, seafood, dairy, and frozen foods at optimal temperatures to preserve their freshness and quality.

Disposable Lunch Box:

Demi’s disposable lunch boxes and disposable meal prep containers are perfect for food delivery services, catering companies, and takeout restaurants. These disposable lunch boxes and disposable meal prep containers are commonly used in food processing facilities for packaging individual portions of meals, salads, sandwiches, and other ready-to-eat items. Made from durable materials, these disposable meal prep containers are leak-proof, microwave-safe, and eco-friendly, making them the perfect choice for meal preparation.

Water Bead Ball:

Our water bead balls have various applications across different industries, including agriculture, decoration, and packaging. In food processing packaging, water bead balls are often used as a hydrating and cooling agent for perishable food items during transportation and storage.         These small, spherical beads are capable of absorbing and retaining large amounts of water, making them ideal for creating a moist and cool environment around food products. In addition to food processing packaging, Demi water bead balls can be used for water bomb gun bullet filling, daily necessities toys fragrance products filling, or decoration

Super Absorbent Polymer:

Our super absorbent polymers (SAPs) have a wide range of applications across various industries due to their exceptional water-absorbing properties. In agriculture, SAPs are commonly used as soil conditioners and water retention agents, helping to improve soil structure, reduce water runoff, and enhance plant growth by providing a steady supply of moisture to roots. Additionally, they’re utilized in construction for moisture control in concrete. SAPs play a vital role in environmental remediation by absorbing and containing pollutants.

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