Packaging solutions

Packaging solutions

DEMI packaging products mainly include trays, lunch boxes and fresh absorbent MATS.

The rice tray and lunch box are made of food-grade materials, green and environmental protection, and can meet the packaging requirements of fresh suppliers, vegetable and fruit suppliers, and department stores. At the same time, DEMI can create personalized one-stop product packaging solutions according to different customer needs.

DEMI fresh absorbent pad is mainly used for fresh meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables and other fresh food packaging, with water absorption and preservation, safety and environmental protection, not easy to reverse osmosis and other characteristics, can be customized design and manufacturing according to customer needs.

Solutions for agricultural and forestry water conservation agents

DEMI agroforestry water conservation agent, with super water absorption and water retention, can repeatedly absorb water and release water, is widely used in land desertification control, agroforestry crop planting, landscaping and other fields. For users in the use of agricultural and forestry water protection agents encountered in the process of confusion, DEMI can at any time to provide users with professional technical advice, after-sales support.

Functional SAP solutions

As a highly absorbent resin, DEMI functional SAP has excellent water absorption performance and water retention ability, large gel strength, and is not easy to melt water during use. It is suitable for daily necessities (ice cups, ice bags, ice pillows, ice pads) processing, toy filling, aromatherapy raw material application, etc., and can provide customized services according to customer needs.

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